As one of the top 10 asset management companies with the largest investment advisory and entrustment value in Vietnam, PVI AM provides efficient and high standard solutions in fund management, portfolio management and investment advisory, balancing profit goals with risk management, bringing sustainable benefits to our customers and partners.

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27 years of experience in the market

As a member of PVI Holdings, PVI AM inherits PVI’s competence and experience in system management, assets management of major shareholders, which are large domestic and international financial institutions. Besides, PVI AM also enjoys synergy benefits in terms of financial scale, brand position and partners and customers’ network with other members of PVI Holdings including PVI Insurance Corporation and Hanoi Reinsurance Joint Stock Corporation.


Comparative advantages

As a subsidiary of PVI Holdings, PVI AM has received significant support from PVI’s major shareholders including HDI Global SE (a subsidiary of Talanx Group – the 3rd largest German insurance and financial institution) and IFC (a member of the World Bank Group. This brings special comparative advantages to PVI AM in searching for domestic and overseas business opportunities based on partners’ extensive network. At the same time, with the investment relationships and in-depth expertise of PVI Holdings, HDI Global SE and IFC, PVI AM receives huge support in human resource training, collaboration and investment cooperation.


Outstanding investment solutions

With in-depth knowledge, several years of experience in the market and commitment to optimally serve the interests of customers, PVI AM team has always aimed to developed diversified products and investment structures in accordance with each client’s needs, financial situation and stage of the market, bringing the sustainable profits to clients while ensuring sufficient risk management processs.


Sustainable development strategy

PVI AM believes that profits must be associated with value created for the community. In business activities, PVI AM always pays attention to the value addition, prioritizing investment in healthy, sustainable business models that comply with environmental and social standards.